PT. LINDA JAYA MANDIRI is a supply company which focuses on the specific Industrial mining equipment that diversify its supply into two major mine working areas, fixed plant and earth moving equipment. Our range of service is not merely in the scope of supply but also on site technical support.

PT LINDA JAYA MANDIRI was established on 2nd March 2005 in Balikpapan. We focus the business on the specific - industrial mining equipment, oil & gas also services. Our range of services is not merely in the scope of supply but also on site technical support. We are committed to the quality and service based on QSCS (Quick, Sharp, and Correct System).Our concern is on the reliable quality, price, and availability. Our strength is on the portfolio performance and ability to analyse our customer’s needs in managing a cost effectiveness an to increase our customer’s productivity.


PT. LINDA JAYA MANDIRI is company where its employees are proud to be in the company. The employees are considered a valuable asset to the company. Our strengths are from our individual skill and team work to lead us into the world class supply company that may possibly make us a market leader in the future. Our commitment is to put the company’s growth on a consistency towards company’s way of thinking. Our success in the future inevitably depends on how we manage our business to be a prudential company and perform our efficient-operational costs to meet a high standard of competitiveness. A win–win situation, respect each other, trust, equality and openness to colleagues, and to the community are our positive spirits.

Our commitment towards the 21st century for human resources policy is to focus on developing our employees for their professionalism through training programs. Each individual shall demonstrate an excellent, performance and contribute his or her expertise in each working area to lift up the company’s reputation. They are appraised by their effort and let them take their opportunity to determine their own carrier path within the company. The company puts a right and responsibility of individual on his or her shoulder in carrying out their main role and keep up the individual creative, innovative, and positive. A professional skill is obtained through the learning process, implementing knowledge and experience, knowing their understandings, diversity of role, and hard work. A cross, functional role may possibly be applicable an individual on a dynamic movement. That does not mean more overlapping than one can do.

To us customers are our life, it is our responsibility to take care of them and to let them grow with us for a brighter day. Customers are no doubt a fountain of our business which we put our customers on top level of the company’s interest, our pride is on our customer’s satisfaction. The commitmentt towards customer’s satisfaction is a service- excellent guarantee. It is not only to assure customers on the effectiveness that may bring them to save their operational expenses, but also to give them the best availability and quality to increase their productivity. Our competent manpower and a support of sophisticated information technology are found to be a positive-backup in providing the best service to our customer. We thank our customers who have assessed us as to a credible supply Company and trust us the only business counter part they rely on.


Our vision through the millennium century is to determine a fundamental direction of the business policy and to establish our identity for being the company that has its own value of corporate culture with a professional manning policy, and has a commitment to the quality and service that will lead us to be a caliber supply company.